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Current Construction Projects

Welcome to our current projects page, featuring some of the builds that are underway or recently completed. From custom home builds to commercial renovations, our design-build firm offers construction services in the Sea-To-Sky corridor (Squamish, Whistler), and on the remote island of Howe Sounds (Keats Island, Gambier Island).

If you are looking for a partner to create your dream home, renovate your current one, or build your commercial space, we can help. Reach out to us through email or phone, or explore our client process page for additional insights on our collaboration with clients.

Discover Our Current Projects

Brackendale Art Gallery

We’re incredibly excited to have been a part of the team working on refurbishing the Brackendale Art Gallery. The BAG has a rich history of artistic and carpentry collaboration, and we’re proud to join the long list of people who have contributed to this landmark over time. Lovingly built over the years by Thor Froslev, the new owners of the BAG were focused on keeping the spirit of the original space alive.

In collaboration with design by Stark Architecture, Blue Water Concepts had the honour of renovating the BAG by bringing it up to code and adding new amenities, ensuring that it will continue to serve as a central hub for the community, where artists and art enthusiasts can come together and be inspired.

Skyline Drive Project

This small home renovation in Garibaldi Estates involves cosmetic upgrades to the upper floor and both bathrooms. We look forward to sharing pictures of some very cool tile choices, as well as what are bound to be some pretty dramatic before-and-after shots. Other work on this project includes replacing the roof and selecting flooring. Painting is currently underway, along with interior finishing, and millwork installation. Tiling and electrical work to come, soon!

Faith Road Project

Brackendale’s oldest house will soon share a lot with a beautiful new carriage house! We’re excited to blend the old and new on this iconic Brackendale lot.

Paragon Kids Daycare

Newly completed, Paragon Kids Daycare in Brackendale is an example of how design-build companies can achieve beautiful results on an accelerated timeline. The daycare occupies two spaces in Eagle Run Village: one previously occupied unit, and a dramatically transformed standalone building that was previously abandoned. Completed in under one year, these spaces were realized thanks to the invaluable cooperation of many parties, including the client, landlord, and several municipal bodies.

Peaks Family Pets

Established in 1988, Peaks Family Pets has been voted Squamish’s best pet shop, and for good reason. Now, opening at a new location, the best is even better: a significantly expanded footprint with new shelving, millwork, and amenities such as dog baths. Come find more of what you need for your pets!

Easy Street

Easy Street is a stunning location in Whistler where we are currently performing a major renovation on a high-end home. Much of the exterior work has already been completed, and we have progressed to the interior, which includes flooring and millwork to provide a beautiful, updated look for the residents. 

Valley Drive

Another Whistler project, Valley Drive, features a stunning home nestled among the trees. This new project involves redoing and expanding three decks, providing outdoor space to better enjoy relaxing moments outdoors.

Hardy Island

At Blue Water Concepts, we love to handle remote builds! One of our most significant remote undertakings is on Hardy Island, where we’ve built three cabins, a viewing platform, a spectacular tent pad, a garage, a basketball court, and more. We’ve been on-site for nearly a year, and this huge undertaking has been challenging but rewarding.


We are very proud of the work we’ve done and the projects currently underway. We take every job seriously, from modest remodels to large, intricate, and high-profile endeavours. We look forward to working with and seeing your vision come to life.

If you have questions or a project in mind, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn how we can help.