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From Dream, to Design, to Construction

Over the years, we’ve developed a detailed client process to support our clients and achieve successful projects. As a design-build construction company, we deeply value clear communication, collaboration, and transparency from project conception to project completion. This approach fosters open dialogue and collaborative decision-making, which is key for aligning our client’s vision with the practical aspects of construction. In doing so, we reduce the risk of surprises or unexpected costs, resulting in a smoother and more predictable build process for everyone involved.

We crafted our approach to ensure our clients’ projects are designed to fit their budget and that they transition from dream to design and construction as efficiently as possible, saving time and money.

Here is our 10-step client process, which has guided many homeowners throughout their dream build.

10-Step Client Process Guide at Blue Water Concepts

01. Initial Client Meeting

The initial client meeting is a critical first step. We will meet with you to discuss the project in detail. This is an opportunity for you to get to know Blue Water Concepts and for us to understand your vision and objectives.

In this meeting, we’ll outline the entire process, discuss your specific needs, and determine how well our expertise aligns with the project you have in mind. Our goal is to ensure that we’re a perfect fit to bring your project to life efficiently and to your satisfaction.

02. Detailed Design Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to create a detailed scope of work and really dig into what you are trying to achieve with your project. In this meeting, you will be introduced to a member of the design team, who will work with you to translate your vision into divisions of construction, which allows for a systematic estimate to be compiled before even putting pen to paper. Now is the time to put it all out there: all your ideas, your wish list, your wildest dreams… and we can help guide you from there!

Our team is committed to listening intently, offering expert advice, and ensuring every aspect of your dream build is captured in the detailed plan we create together.

03. Detailed Scope of Work

This is a document assembled by our design team, and sent to you for comments and approval. Its purpose is to ensure everyone is on the same page and that we properly understand your project objectives and expectations. From this shared understanding, we draw the details necessary to produce our Class D estimate, setting the stage for the design and construction phases with no room for ambiguity.

04. Class D Estimate

The Class D estimate offers a preliminary financial understanding of your project. This exercise is designed as a feasibility study, providing insight into the potential costs before committing to the design phase.

Depending on the complexity of your project, some design work might be a prerequisite for an accurate Class D estimate. We aim to deliver an estimate within ±20% of the project’s actual costs, offering transparency and foresight to inform pivotal decisions.

05. Design Proposal & Contract

Once we are aligned on project scope and cost, our next step is to present you with a detailed design proposal and contract. These documents encompass all expenses related to the design, consultant, and administration tasks necessary to reach construction.

Our design proposal is crafted to ensure transparency, giving you a precise understanding of the costs and processes ahead. The design contract secures both parties’ commitments and sets the foundation for a trusting and successful partnership.

06. Design Phase

The real excitement begins in the design phase, where your creative aspirations take shape. Here, you partner with an in-house designer to develop a design tailored to your vision and goals. This collaborative stage is about fine-tuning the plan to the smallest detail.

The outcome of this phase is a set of detailed design drawings that articulate the depth and breadth of the building project. These drawings enable our estimator to refine the project costs into a Class B estimate. This estimate aims to give an accurate cost projection, complete with a comprehensive assessment of materials, labour, and the intricacies that every project requires.

07. Class B Estimate

Once the drawings have progressed to the point of being ready for permit submission and you are happy with the design, we proceed to develop a Class B estimate. This stage provides a comprehensive line-item cost breakdown, capturing every facet of the project. Our estimating department dives deeply into the particulars, considering all materials, labour, subcontractor quotes, and other expenses to ensure thorough and accurate accounting.

This exercise aims to be within ±10% of the actual cost at completion.  It sets the expectation for a transparent financial pathway as we move closer to breaking ground and turning your vision into reality.

08. Construction Contract

Once the Class B estimate is complete and you are comfortable with the overall cost of the project, we will present you with a construction contract. This document solidifies our mutual commitment and signifies the green light for groundbreaking. With this document, we enter into a formal agreement and collect an initial deposit, reserving your project’s position in our production schedule.

09. Production Handover

Once the construction contract is signed and the project is in our schedule, we’ll introduce you to your project manager. As your main contact, the project manager will address your queries, handle daily tasks, and keep your project on track. 

You’ll also meet your lead carpenter, who manages the physical construction, and the production manager, who coordinates all construction activities. Both are critical for successful project delivery, playing key roles in turning your plans into reality. Through clear communication and coordination, they ensure the work meets the promised quality standards.

10. Construction Begins

By this point, you will have gone through a number of necessary items with your project manager, including a detailed construction schedule. Much like your project budget, this document will be continuously updated as the project progresses. Our production team maintains steady communication to engage you with updates and decision-making.

If you thought the design aspect was fun and exciting… construction is where the real show is!