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Mike Van Capelle

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Welcome to a better way to build.

An award-winning design-build construction company rooted in Squamish, BC. 

At Blue Water Concepts, we’re all about high-performance construction, energy efficiency, and major renovations, as well as taking on the challenge of remote site builds. With our dedication to customer service, craftsmanship, and creating remarkable spaces, we are ready to transform your vision into something truly special. 

Meet Mike Van Capelle, the owner and team leader of Blue Water Concepts.

Mike is the engine behind Blue Water Concepts and has over 15 years of industry experience. His understanding of the design and construction industries has developed the Blue Water Concepts process into what it is today, refined by years of experience across a variety of disciplines within the industry. Mike’s commitment to excellence is clear in every Blue Water Concepts project.

Building a company from the ground up

Mike didn’t just want to build better houses; he wanted to create the best design-build firm you could imagine. Receiving guidance and mentorship from Breakthrough Academy, a coaching business for contractors in the construction industry, Mike committed to building solid foundations for Blue Water Concepts to grow to be a successful business.

After five years in the making, Blue Water Concepts is now an award-winning design-build company, which reached over $12M in revenue in 2022.

Here’s a testament to Mike’s commitment to his clients, team and business.

Builder Grows 20x in 5 years

Mike’s early days and experience

Mike’s journey into the construction world started at a young age.

Mike’s journey in the construction industry began at a young age when he worked alongside his father at their family construction company. His hands-on experience since age eight laid the foundation for his deep understanding of the industry.

Eager to continue expanding his knowledge, Mike earned a three-year advanced diploma program in Construction Engineering and Architectural Technology at Niagara College, where he refined his skills and gained a comprehensive understanding of both the technical and creative aspects of construction and design.

Charting a New Course Out West

Armed with a blend of practical experience and academic knowledge, Mike ventured out West.

Settling in Rossland, British Columbia, the seeds of Blue Water Concepts began to take root. By combining the invaluable expertise gained from apprenticing with his father and the insights gleaned from his college education, Mike laid the groundwork for a design-build construction company.

In 2017, Blue Water Concepts was born with a focus on detail, creativity and craftsmanship.

Since its inception, Blue Water Concepts concentrated on quality construction and major renovations, with an eye toward challenging remote site builds and energy efficiency concepts.

With Mike personally involved in the design and construction process, the company prioritized on sustainability-focused projects and earned Passive House and Net Zero certifications.

Fostering a Vibrant Company Culture

Over the years, Blue Water Concepts has flourished.

With an incredible in-house team of pre-construction and construction professionals, Blue Water Concepts fosters a culture of collaboration, creativity and quality. With a team of over 50 employees, each member of our company plays an integral role in our success. 

Together, we’ve built energy-efficient homes throughout the Sea to Sky corridor, Howe Sound, and remote islands on the BC coast. 

To learn more about our completed work, visit our portfolio, which includes Passive House and Net Zero homes. To discover our most recent projects and see us in action, follow along on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook).