Construction and Renovation Services on Gambier Island

As an industry leader in construction and renovation services, we’ve gained valuable expertise in building and renovating custom homes on remote islands over the last few years. One notable project took place on Gambier Island, where we had the pleasure of constructing a custom home perched on a cliff overlooking Bowen Island.

Building on a remote island presents unique challenges our team is well-equipped to handle. From accessibility to logistics and sourcing materials, we have perfected our skills to handle these challenges seamlessly.

We understand that building or renovating a home on Gambier Island can feel daunting. Still, our team of dedicated professionals is here to guide you through every step of the process. Our goal is to bring your dream home to life while providing a stress-free experience for our clients.

With our expertise and resources, we get the job done right. Discover our latest remote island project here, or contact us to discuss yours today.

Understanding the challenges of building on Gambier Island

Gambier Island, nestled in Howe Sound, is a tranquil and picturesque destination, a stone’s throw away from Vancouver, British Columbia. This hidden treasure is loved for its beautiful forests and peaceful beaches. However, building and renovating on the island can be tricky due to its remote location.

Getting there is not easy, as you have to rely on foot passenger transportation from BC ferry or private boats. Plus, transporting heavy materials and machinery requires careful planning and coordination. The island’s landscape can also make preparing the site for construction challenging. That’s why working with a team that knows the local environment well is key.

Blue Water Concepts has developed unique expertise in remote island builds and excels in transforming these challenges into successful milestones. Our dedication to accuracy and an extensive network of local connections guarantee a smooth path to your dream home. Not only do we possess the know-how, but our passion for craftsmanship and sustainability is woven into every project we undertake.

Not only do we have the expertise, but we also have the transportation. We’ve invested in a proper company boat for transporting staff, sub-trades, and materials to save considerable costs for the client and allow the project to move along much quicker. Having a proper workboat is crucial to ensuring these remote projects are completed efficiently.


At Blue Water Concepts, we understand the importance of creating spaces that not only look great but are also highly functional – especially on a remote island where every little detail matters. We achieve this balance by staying up-to-date with the latest industry innovations, ensuring our clients receive the best possible outcome. Every project we take on is unique, so we work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life.


We love creating and remodelling personalized homes that are practical and energy-efficient. Whether you want a new Certified Passive House or an environmentally friendly and sustainable dream home, we’re here to assist you. Our licensed team of design and construction professionals will closely collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

Since we have certified Passive House tradespeople and consultants on our team who specialize in high-performance construction such as Passive House and Net Zero builds, you can rest assured that the highest energy-efficiency standards are upheld throughout the construction process. 


We fully understand the magnitude of building a custom home, both in terms of financial investment and personal significance. That’s why we value a collaborative partnership with our clients every step of the way. Our expert team provides accurate and detailed estimates, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.


Dealing with the permit process can be a daunting and time-consuming task. However, at Blue Water Concepts, our full-service approach allows us to handle it all for you. Our professional and knowledgeable team will take care of the permitting process for your Gambier Island construction project, saving you time and stress. We work with the required professionals and building departments to make sure every project follows necessary zoning requirements and B.C. Building Code specifications. 


As a design-build firm,  we provide unparalleled customer service through our specialized in-house design services, catered specifically to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of skilled designers will meet with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your home and requirements, seamlessly translating your vision into a well-crafted plan for your space. By offering design and professional construction and renovation services within a single framework, we ensure a streamlined process for our clients, facilitating a seamless journey at every step.


Bringing a construction project from inception to completion can be an involved process, which is why at Blue Water Concepts, we streamline the journey for our clients. Our design-build approach allows us to be the single point of contact throughout the entire process, giving clients ease of mind and a clear line of communication. We meticulously manage every detail, safeguarding the integrity of the vision from the initial sketches to the final touches. This all-encompassing tactic not only simplifies the experience but also ensures consistency and accountability, delivering a finished product that perfectly aligns with our clients’ aspirations.

Our Expert Team on Gambier Island

At Blue Water Concepts, our mission is to assist our clients in transforming their homes and living spaces through design, construction, and renovation. With our team’s expertise and experience, we can bring even the most intricate projects to life, providing a comprehensive solution for all your renovation and construction requirements on Gambier Island.

In addition to our in-house design and construction professionals, we have an extensive network of local connections and partnerships on Gambier Island. This allows us to provide top-notch services for all aspects of your project, from sourcing high-quality materials to coordinating with local suppliers and tradespeople.

We would love to hear your vision for your Gambier Island residence and discuss how we can bring it to life. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your dream home on this beautiful island.

Why Work with the Blue Water Concepts Team

Working with Blue Water was a great experience.  Mike and his team were able to capture my vision and translate that into a beautiful deck that allows my family outdoor living year-round.   They matched the new deck to the house seamlessly, and every inch of their work says quality.  I would not hesitate to recommend Blue Water.

Dean Imbeau

We were looking to add a revenue suite to our home. The Blue Water team was amazing from beginning to end. Mike’s team worked with us to ensure we had a design that fit our needs and our budget. The construction crew was professional, courteous, and efficient. The ongoing communication from our project manager was consistent and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.

Lisa S.
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