Residential Renovation: Greenwood Way

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Residential Renovation: Greenwood Way

Date: December 2022

Location: Squamish

This residential renovation was a complete transformation of the entire house, interior and exterior. The visible elements of this residential renovation are stunning, but there are also several upgrades that were made behind the scenes to improve comfort and energy efficiency within the home as well as extend the longevity of the structure. Aspects such as drainage, waterproofing, and air barriers were all upgraded to fit within the client’s budget.

In taking this home back to the studs, we were able to improve the home’s insulating factor which was also helped by adding new windows and doors. The siding and soffits were repaired because they did not need to be replaced. Details like this helped save our client money to focus their budget on areas that needed it most. We prepped and installed the windows in such a way that if the clients ever wanted to upgrade the exterior envelope down the road, things could be tied in quite easily.

We added a few large multi-slide patio doors to the back for a much better connection to the large backyard. We also designed and built a deck and patio and added some fencing.

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