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May 12, 2024

June 3rd, 2024 update: Blue Water Concepts is thrilled to be the recipient of the prestigious Georgie Award for the Best Custom Home in the Under $1,000,000 category.

Blue Water Concepts is proud to announce our nominations for two Georgie Awards in 2024: “Best Custom Home Valued Under $1,000,000” and “Best Energy-Labelled Custom Home.”

These nominations are in recognition of our ground breaking Passive House project on Clark Road. Designed in-house by Kayla Hildebrand, this is the first certified Passive House constructed in Squamish.

About the Georgie Awards

What are the Georgie Awards?

Originating in 1992, the Georgie Awards are a recognition of excellence in British Columbia’s residential construction and development industry. The award celebrates craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication on the part of nominees.

The Georgie Awards were founded by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of British Columbia, and the awards are presented by the CHBA BC at an event attended by industry professionals, industry partners, and government officials. The award was conceived as a means of recognizing outstanding achievements in home building, renovation, and design, and serves to promote a culture of excellence that encourages continual improvement within the industry.

Over the years, the awards have evolved to include a wide range of categories that reflect a diverse array of residential construction and development and help to showcase the best and brightest among BC’s talent, whether for architectural innovation, building practices, or sustainability. The Georgie Awards recognize those who push the boundaries while maintaining exceptional standards of professionalism and quality.

More Than Just an Accolade

Builders and developers view the Georgie Awards as more than a prize to win: it is the culmination of their hard work over months and even years. It also indicates the level of quality that one can expect when dealing with the recipient, instilling confidence in potential clients.

For architects, designers, and tradespeople, it is also a validation of their talent and expertise, boosting their reputation in the industry and paving the way for new opportunities.

Shaping the Industry

Aside from the recognition and prestige brought by the Georgie Awards, they also play a role in the evolution of industry standards. As exceptional projects are highlighted and rewarded, others are inspired to reach for greater heights, raising the bar for all.

Anticipation is building for this year’s ceremony, with industry professionals and enthusiasts alike awaiting the announcement of the winners.

Nominated for Two Georgie Awards in 2024

Blue Water Concepts is proud to announce our nomination in two categories: “Best Custom Homes Valued Under $1,000,000” and “Best Energy-Labelled Custom Home” for our project on Clark Road. These nominations underscore our commitment to innovation and sustainability, particularly in the latter category, as this project is the first certified Passive House built in Squamish.

Best Custom Home Valued Under $1,000,000

This category rewards the skill and creativity involved in designing an exceptional home while working within a set budget. It demonstrates the ability to balance design, quality, functionality, and performance. At Blue Water Concepts, we deliver tremendous value without compromising aesthetics or craftsmanship.

Best Energy-Labelled Custom Home

Energy efficiency and sustainability are primary concerns for today’s homebuyers, as environmental impact continues to be a global concern. The “Best Energy-Labelled Custom Home” gives an award in recognition of homes that prioritize these concerns and Blue Water Concepts’ nomination is indicative of our dedication to designing homes that can meet modern standards of comfort while also minimizing their environmental footprint. Our Clark Road Passive House exemplifies this approach.

What is a Passive House?

Passive House certification is a rigorous standard for energy efficiency and reduced emissions. It achieves ultra-low energy consumption through a combination of expert design, airtight construction, high-quality insulation, and efficient ventilation.

Passive House buildings maintain a comfortable indoor environment without relying on traditional methods of heating and cooling. They harness natural sources of heat from solar gain, while thick insulation and airtightness prevent heat loss. In warmer months, insulation and high-performance ventilation reduce heat gain.

The advantages of Passive House construction range from reduced cost of utilities resulting in long-term savings, superior air quality and comfort, long-term sustainability, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Blue Water Concepts and the Georgie Awards

As the Georgie Awards draw near, Blue Water Concepts is honoured to have been recognized and nominated for the work we do. This is a testament to our commitment to excellence, Kayla’s design expertise, and the hard work and dedication of our entire team.