Carriage House Builders

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A carriage or laneway home can be a great way to add value to a property, as well as providing you with ample extended living space for growing families or to generate additional income.

Carriage houses have become extremely popular throughout Squamish and Whistler and the whole sea to sky corridor recently, as more and more people look at ways to maximize the potential of their properties – many of which have risen significantly in value.

A carriage house is a separate, standalone living space that is entirely self-contained and can be lived in year-round. Many reasonably sized lots in and around Squamish and Whistler are already taking advantage of their space with the addition of a carriage or laneway house, and here at Blue Water Concepts, we’re regularly called on to design and build unique custom carriage houses to suit a variety of needs and situations.

Whether you need some additional living space for a growing family, a dedicated meeting or project space for your business or hobbies, or even if you’re looking to a new rental income stream, a carriage or laneway house in the sea to sky corridor could be just the answer you’re looking for.

The Blue Water Concepts Touch

At Blue Water Concepts, we do things a little differently.

Our in-house professional estimator works full time to make sure projects stay within budget, and we have a dedicated online system where you can log in to see real-time updates on your project, track what budget has been spent and get up to date information and accurate estimates of the remaining cost and time of your carriage house project.

Combine that transparency with the advantage of being a full-service design and build carriage house builder, and your project couldn’t be in better hands.

For more information on how Blue Water Concepts can help build your carriage house in Squamish or the Sea To Sky Corridor, send us a message in the contact form below and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

Our recent Pia Road project quickly evolved from a small carport addition, to also include additional hosting and entertainment space for the family. Our experienced architectural and interior designers were able to work with the family to get an accurate picture of their living requirements and create detailed and well thought out plans that delivered exactly what was needed. From there, it was over to our professional carpenters and project managers to turn our clients new vision into a reality. Read more about the Pia Road project.