Dales Place

Date: 2018-2020
Type: Design, Build
Location: Squamish, BC

The “Carriage House Addition” was a newly coined phrase that we commonly used while we built this project. Our clients dreamed of a Carriage House on the back corner of their property with the hopes of rental potential, usable storage space and an area for the band to practice.

This is the project we have constantly referred to as the “carriage house addition” which really doesn’t make sense because those are typically two different types of projects, but in this case it is oddly fitting. After digging into the lot and reviewing the set backs and associated restrictions, we quickly found that there were unfortunately two “front yard set backs”. This meant that a Carriage House wasn’t going to work. The only way we would be able to achieve what they were after, while meeting all setback restrictions, was to build onto the side of the primary residence.

We worked extremely hard through the Design Phase on this project to ensure we acheived the income suite they were hoping for, but to also provide them with storage space they needed and a desireable place for the band to practice. Throughout the Design Phase we realized that providing a space for the band to practice was a main focus and high on the list of priorities. The entire lower level would now be a studio!

These clients are incredibly active and talented musicians. Some serious attention was paid to the sound attenuation throughout this build. We also looked at the original building for design cues on how to ensure the somewhat oddly shaped addition would blend in. The cedar board and batten siding really tied it all in. In the end, the space turned out great for both the upstairs income suite but also for the bands new studio downstairs.

The contractor appreciation party at the end of the project was one to be remembered! We truly loved this project.

There is a better way to build.